It was a beautiful morning as usual. Every morning brings hope in my life that present moment is the time; I should do something new when my life is falling apart. I do not want to lose hope. I had a dream not to escape but to understand and conquer. I knew I have to change to get rid of disappointments but I just do not know what that process to change is.

As every morning I get up from my bed. My bones are no stronger like I used to have. I used to run around the valleys, walks several miles to go my grandma’s house, hopping and running around. Life is not easy anymore. My body seems weak, my memories’ fading away. And some memories became stronger than ever. I walked cautiously towards the window at the end of the room. Tears fell down as I could not see grasses and meadows; I could not see clear blue skies with gusts of clouds, no mountains, no river and no valleys, no birds and no trees. It was all gone! There were skyscrapers everywhere, cars flying across my windows in a lane; I couldn’t bear to look down because I felt there is no more ground. I don’t know where these skyscrapers were standing on, where was I standing on.

I have an instinct that this is not only morning I have but many such mornings of hopes and yet doom and darkness encircles me every time I see out of that window. My hopes and dreams just burns into an ashes and next morning again it rises as a phoenix.

I sat down near my bed in an arm chair. Surprisingly it was so comfortable than what it looked like. A heard a peep of machine and a lady in blue suit entered my room with a briefcase in her hand.

Hello Ami! The lady greeted.

I just stared at her; I had no clue that who is she and what she is doing here. What am I doing here too?

She started looking at me and I can see data scrolling in her eyes with nonstop peep, peep, peep….

Those machine sounds irritated me; I just knew I hate machines. I feel suffocated here, I want to run out. I know I need to fight and understand something but I was not sure what it is?

I asked her immediately: who are you and why I cannot go out?

Ma’am I am your nurse. I came to take your vital signs. I am model number 65AA5C, designed for geriatric human beings of 21th century.

What am I doing here?

You are preserved personnel and also for research of Dr. Salamantra ma’ am. You are the founder of the Unirobo lab, which is now a Unirobo company.

It did not interest me what she said, she did not answered properly what I am doing here? I feel frustrated and yet weak and fragile. I looked around it was an utter void in the room. There was my bed in the corner and above it was a big lens which surely is not an eye to the sky but something programmed so I can see sky view from it. There was a table next to my bed and a thin paper with no pen. There were many buttons in the walls of the room. I guess each has a purpose.

Nurse smiled and uttered: there you go, perfectly healthy. Let me introduced this room to you ma’am. She went near the table, took the paper: this is a tablet, if you want to write anything. The password is all caps “UNIROBO” and she explained me which button is for foods, which one is for water, for snacks, for outdoor experience, virtual reality, clothes and so on and on. She kept on talking but I did not listen to her. I was more wandering myself about my existence in this room, when I can remember of no such technologies when I was a child or in my memory.

I stood up.

This is all madam, thank you and have a good day!

I nodded and she left, closing the door behind her.

I went to the “paper looking tablet” and hold it. It was soft like a paper. And suddenly became hard as a glass as I lifted it up. It asked me a password; I put it down and thought to try those buttons. I forgot which button is which one, I pressed the one near table and a big screen appeared with a face of a little girl saying: mama, I miss you! I am … I pressed the button again and it was gone in less than a second.

I pressed another button and a food tray just came from the wall, it had a turkey leg, vegetables, soups, rice, muffins, juices and some candies. I pressed another button near the window, and a huge mirror appeared. I looked into the mirror and to my surprise; I looked so young with deep blue eyes, red hair, and pale skin. I thought I am old. How can this be even true? I pressed the button again and the mirror vanished. I looked my hands, legs, touched my skin. I was not old, it was all young and elastic and supple. I randomly pressed buttons and many things came and went from drinks, men, my childhood living in front of me, history, geography, space stations, several programs, foods, dresses.

I sat down in the floor. I felt a grief of not knowing anything. I grabbed the tablet and encoded a password and started typing what I felt. In this vast universe I am alone here, facing unknown and being unknown to self. What can possibly be more tragic than not knowing oneself?

~Pranesha Dotel.

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