I woke up with bizarre voices and those unbearable sounds of machines. I was naked and alert, not to act strange; I slightly lifted my one eye.

I wasn’t in the room. I was lying down in a machine. It was cold here, i was lying in the steel coated white. everything around was just pale white. Above me, wasn’t that lens showing me stars and skies? There was no one around me. No robots neither any human beings.

I open my both eyes and investigated. Looks like I am in capsule. it was very smooth with no edges. I can only see a slit opening there in front of me. light had managed to cross those slit and enter inside the capsule. I can see my own reflection inside everywhere. I am not alone but my shadows interacting with me, showing up themselves finally, warning me that its not right to be here, something is going to happen inside. I need to escape from here.

I can hear people talking outside and machines peeping. Well, the good thing is the capsule was not totally locked. I reached out for the opening, there were several people or may be models. I cannot be sure of! Half of them were in lab gowns with papers, calculators and some had tablets like I had back in my room. There were robots encircling those figures in lab gowns.

A slender figure in lab gown approached near me.

“Now, it’s time to start. Can anyone help me close the lid?”

Err…Why none of you are serious about it? I need to file a complaint about this team to the Dr. Salamantra.

I heard a man’s voice in a back.

Yes, Dr. Mani

Here, you handle this machine. Its special one! I won’t consider any negligence regarding this one… Am I clear?

Yes Dr.

A man in blue Jeans with white lab gown appeared in a scene.

Such a bitch!

What did you said?

Nothing Dr. I was just thinking who is this sample? Why is it special one?

Well. It’s confidential. Even I do not know about this.

Dr. Salamantra? …

Yes, she said it’s special.

(Third voice): Ma’am I heard that this is body of Dr. Sazena. There’s a rumor in the department that Dr. Salamantra is trying to get her code.

Will you shut up? (Female voice)

Now get back to work boys. I am not interested to hear your fairy tales.

Then he closed the lid with a bang. After this I was not able to hear anything of outside world.

I knocked the walls, it was made of steels. I guess no one heard me outside.

In a minute, two holes appeared inside the capsule; a thick clear gelatinous liquid appeared out and started to fill the capsule. It was painful when that liquid touched my skin. It started from my feet and now it reached the abdomen. I was crying, banging the walls of capsule, shouting aloud but no one heard me. There was no one to help me out.

I was crying hopelessly and uttering, shouting and whispering.. Help me! Help me! … … … .. …

No any help came. I was better in the room, not knowing myself than here now knowing little bit about me, that I am a sample here for their experiments. It’s painful. I prefer to be no one than to be a sample. I shouted take me back to room, I will not question anything. I will drink that water capsules. I will always obey you. Please help me…

The liquid started to fill me slowly, inch by inch, burning me and hurting me every possible way. my cries, my pleas just faded away, dissolving the humanity in that gelatinous liquid.


(below is the link for part 4)



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