gas mask



5pm, Deltown laboratory Unit.


It was my first day of rotation in the unirobo company’s classified laboratory. I was so happy, my parents were proud of me. I have worked very hard for it. I was the first intern in history of Unirobo, to reach (A5 classified unit.) I was surrounded by all well known scientists’ around and the best robots of the world with best technologies. It was an awe-inspiring moment for me.  I was kept only on observe ship for one week there. Dr. Mina gave me this brilliant opportunity to be here. It was not easy for her to introduce, first ever intern in the classified area, I had my terms and condition and she had to give lists of my credentials and potentials to Dr. Salamantra. Well, it’s a miracle I guess, I am here now.

Eric and Surhid had the initial task to follow instructions of Dr. Mina. I was waiting nearby the stretcher with a Medical report; Dr. Darwin had to fill in. Frankly, I am quite nervous! I do not want to ruin my only chance to prove Dr. Salamantra what I am capable of and I am cautious, not to let down Dr. Mina’s expectations on me.

My team mates closed the lid of the container. It was called “bubble capsule” I do not know why to give it such a name. But it looks pretty cool. I have a same kind of washing machine in my home. This one looks exactly same but much bigger in size. I was not allowed to go in zone I, which housed many machines and it was working area of Dr. Mina along with Eric and Surhid.

I have been standing here, for almost 10 minutes in a gas mask only my eyes were visible and nothing else. And everyone was in same mask. How this people can work for hours wearing such uncomfortable thing?

As instructed, I just need to observe the process of physical examination for the first sample and I should do the same on the second one. There were rows of 5 samples. My instructor was, Dr. Darwin. Who is a backbone of this unit! He designed all these machines. I have not had opportunity to converse with him. I am hoping I can soon. He is my one of the inspiration!  I am waiting for Dr. Darwin. I have heard from team mates that he is a man of words; he does all his works on a dot. Not one min earlier and not a single minute later.

As I was waiting in the section 1 of sample on zone 2 with a chart for physical examination, there was a pat on my shoulder. I turned around, and there was my instructor Dr. Darwin. His ID plate was shining brilliantly with his name. I was more nervous to see him and damn excited. It was a mixed feeling.

Miss Bijita?

Yes, Dr. honored to meet you.

Mine too. (With a wink)

I smiled at that point which clearly he cannot see.

Well, you should be ready now. Our first sample will arrive in a minute.

Yes. Dr. Darwin. Then we waited for a minute exactly and it was a “pop” sound and in less than 20 second, body appeared in a stretcher. All covered in bloody gelatinous substance, tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves everything exposed. There was everything in it except its skin. Like someone has ripped its skin apart.

I was so shocked at this sight, my breath had stopped at very moment I saw that body. Frankly I was horrified. I do not know what to do next. I can see this, it is no robot. All the physiologic things were happening there. Heart was beating, eyes were rotating nonstop in all possible direction, and muscles were twitching. It was no robot.

Then another “pop” and a flesh were thrown away in another side of stretcher. Damn, it was a skin inverted. A whole man’s skin like, it was just inverted and took it out of the body.

My stomach started turning up. I cannot bear it, I closed my eyes. I heard someone is calling my name. I cannot see that again. Please don’t let me! I prayed for first time in my life.

When I open my eyes, Eric was there, not just one but multiple Eric’s like he was staying in a parallel mirrors, my ears started ringing and it was all blank.

When I woke, I was in clinic of A5 unit. I have been here before once also, to check my medical conditions before I was able to join the unit. It was a requirement!

A person in brown beard, sharp prominent nose, deep gray eyes was staring at me, like I have taken his precious thing and he was there to get it back. I have seen him somewhere before, but I cannot recall where. I know who this man is but I just cannot remember. I want to get out of here. I want to go home. Right now, the only thing I know is, I do not want to work in this Unirobo Company. I would rather do my internship in some average laboratories. That would be enough for me.

I was in IV fluids; I pulled the catheter away, removed the blanket and got out of bed.

Suddenly, two armed robots approached me with, M8904 pointing at my forehead.

I screamed: what the hell is this?

A man stood up and came towards me grinning: Miss Bijita, This is a maze in which once you enter, you cannot get out.

I felt hopeless, I shouted back: “There must be something for my freedom. What I have to do to get out from here.”

He was still grinning then he ran his fingers in his lips: (hmm… excellent question! Well, there is by the way and my dear!  its one and only way! )

“What is it? I would do anything to get out from here. Tell me, what the hell is it?”

He shifted little near and whispered in my ear; “You need to die.” (Laughter’s echoed the ward)




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