The New Barry


I had ordered him with as much as details I know of. How he smiles, talks, how his pupils constricts when he becomes suspicious. But I don’t like him. He is not like my Barry.  He looks exactly like him. He has same way of moving his hands, when he talks. His eye dances with his imaginations. His voice is same. But there is no heart beat in him. I do not find him real. I will not accept this.

I called the dealer: Sir Prasad! I am returning back the model.

Why? What is wrong with it ma’am?

It don’t have heart beat.

Isn’t it warm to touch?

Yes it is, but there is no heart beat sir. I do not find him real. I am sorry!

I disconnected the phone.

Mary Louis was there sitting in the next chair holding Barry’s Hand.

It’s okay Valori.

No, it’s not okay Mary, can’t you see. This boy is not my child. Actually not even human.

Barry’s eyes flickered: No mommy! I am Barry. I am the human child. I am your son.

Then where is your heart beat? I cried.

I do not have heart mommy. Those who have heart, they die and I don’t want to die.

I stubbed there.

An A.I Valori; shouted Mary happily.

I don’t know. My son died there in mass shooting. How can he replace my son? My son is now in grave, decomposing. You cannot be my son. (as i said this words, tears spilled out of my eyes.)

I am your son. I am Barry! Mommy!

I sat down near Mary, and looked at the Barry. My innocent Barry would not stay still like this for hours or even minutes. He would go around and play. Make all of us laugh with his cute and silly acts.

Mary reached out her hands towards me. its okay Valori!

You will get used to it. Keep it! Give it some time.

I nodded and went to kitchen for a coffee.



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