The New Barry


I had ordered him with as much as details I know of. How he smiles, talks, how his pupils constricts when he becomes suspicious. But I don’t like him. He is not like my Barry.  He looks exactly like him. He has same way of moving his hands, when he talks. His eye dances with his imaginations. His voice is same. But there is no heart beat in him. I do not find him real. I will not accept this.

I called the dealer: Sir Prasad! I am returning back the model.

Why? What is wrong with it ma’am?

It don’t have heart beat.

Isn’t it warm to touch?

Yes it is, but there is no heart beat sir. I do not find him real. I am sorry!

I disconnected the phone.

Mary Louis was there sitting in the next chair holding Barry’s Hand.

It’s okay Valori.

No, it’s not okay Mary, can’t you see. This boy is not my child. Actually not even human.

Barry’s eyes flickered: No mommy! I am Barry. I am the human child. I am your son.

Then where is your heart beat? I cried.

I do not have heart mommy. Those who have heart, they die and I don’t want to die.

I stubbed there.

An A.I Valori; shouted Mary happily.

I don’t know. My son died there in mass shooting. How can he replace my son? My son is now in grave, decomposing. You cannot be my son. (as i said this words, tears spilled out of my eyes.)

I am your son. I am Barry! Mommy!

I sat down near Mary, and looked at the Barry. My innocent Barry would not stay still like this for hours or even minutes. He would go around and play. Make all of us laugh with his cute and silly acts.

Mary reached out her hands towards me. its okay Valori!

You will get used to it. Keep it! Give it some time.

I nodded and went to kitchen for a coffee.




gas mask



5pm, Deltown laboratory Unit.


It was my first day of rotation in the unirobo company’s classified laboratory. I was so happy, my parents were proud of me. I have worked very hard for it. I was the first intern in history of Unirobo, to reach (A5 classified unit.) I was surrounded by all well known scientists’ around and the best robots of the world with best technologies. It was an awe-inspiring moment for me.  I was kept only on observe ship for one week there. Dr. Mina gave me this brilliant opportunity to be here. It was not easy for her to introduce, first ever intern in the classified area, I had my terms and condition and she had to give lists of my credentials and potentials to Dr. Salamantra. Well, it’s a miracle I guess, I am here now.

Eric and Surhid had the initial task to follow instructions of Dr. Mina. I was waiting nearby the stretcher with a Medical report; Dr. Darwin had to fill in. Frankly, I am quite nervous! I do not want to ruin my only chance to prove Dr. Salamantra what I am capable of and I am cautious, not to let down Dr. Mina’s expectations on me.

My team mates closed the lid of the container. It was called “bubble capsule” I do not know why to give it such a name. But it looks pretty cool. I have a same kind of washing machine in my home. This one looks exactly same but much bigger in size. I was not allowed to go in zone I, which housed many machines and it was working area of Dr. Mina along with Eric and Surhid.

I have been standing here, for almost 10 minutes in a gas mask only my eyes were visible and nothing else. And everyone was in same mask. How this people can work for hours wearing such uncomfortable thing?

As instructed, I just need to observe the process of physical examination for the first sample and I should do the same on the second one. There were rows of 5 samples. My instructor was, Dr. Darwin. Who is a backbone of this unit! He designed all these machines. I have not had opportunity to converse with him. I am hoping I can soon. He is my one of the inspiration!  I am waiting for Dr. Darwin. I have heard from team mates that he is a man of words; he does all his works on a dot. Not one min earlier and not a single minute later.

As I was waiting in the section 1 of sample on zone 2 with a chart for physical examination, there was a pat on my shoulder. I turned around, and there was my instructor Dr. Darwin. His ID plate was shining brilliantly with his name. I was more nervous to see him and damn excited. It was a mixed feeling.

Miss Bijita?

Yes, Dr. honored to meet you.

Mine too. (With a wink)

I smiled at that point which clearly he cannot see.

Well, you should be ready now. Our first sample will arrive in a minute.

Yes. Dr. Darwin. Then we waited for a minute exactly and it was a “pop” sound and in less than 20 second, body appeared in a stretcher. All covered in bloody gelatinous substance, tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves everything exposed. There was everything in it except its skin. Like someone has ripped its skin apart.

I was so shocked at this sight, my breath had stopped at very moment I saw that body. Frankly I was horrified. I do not know what to do next. I can see this, it is no robot. All the physiologic things were happening there. Heart was beating, eyes were rotating nonstop in all possible direction, and muscles were twitching. It was no robot.

Then another “pop” and a flesh were thrown away in another side of stretcher. Damn, it was a skin inverted. A whole man’s skin like, it was just inverted and took it out of the body.

My stomach started turning up. I cannot bear it, I closed my eyes. I heard someone is calling my name. I cannot see that again. Please don’t let me! I prayed for first time in my life.

When I open my eyes, Eric was there, not just one but multiple Eric’s like he was staying in a parallel mirrors, my ears started ringing and it was all blank.

When I woke, I was in clinic of A5 unit. I have been here before once also, to check my medical conditions before I was able to join the unit. It was a requirement!

A person in brown beard, sharp prominent nose, deep gray eyes was staring at me, like I have taken his precious thing and he was there to get it back. I have seen him somewhere before, but I cannot recall where. I know who this man is but I just cannot remember. I want to get out of here. I want to go home. Right now, the only thing I know is, I do not want to work in this Unirobo Company. I would rather do my internship in some average laboratories. That would be enough for me.

I was in IV fluids; I pulled the catheter away, removed the blanket and got out of bed.

Suddenly, two armed robots approached me with, M8904 pointing at my forehead.

I screamed: what the hell is this?

A man stood up and came towards me grinning: Miss Bijita, This is a maze in which once you enter, you cannot get out.

I felt hopeless, I shouted back: “There must be something for my freedom. What I have to do to get out from here.”

He was still grinning then he ran his fingers in his lips: (hmm… excellent question! Well, there is by the way and my dear!  its one and only way! )

“What is it? I would do anything to get out from here. Tell me, what the hell is it?”

He shifted little near and whispered in my ear; “You need to die.” (Laughter’s echoed the ward)






I woke up with bizarre voices and those unbearable sounds of machines. I was naked and alert, not to act strange; I slightly lifted my one eye.

I wasn’t in the room. I was lying down in a machine. It was cold here, i was lying in the steel coated white. everything around was just pale white. Above me, wasn’t that lens showing me stars and skies? There was no one around me. No robots neither any human beings.

I open my both eyes and investigated. Looks like I am in capsule. it was very smooth with no edges. I can only see a slit opening there in front of me. light had managed to cross those slit and enter inside the capsule. I can see my own reflection inside everywhere. I am not alone but my shadows interacting with me, showing up themselves finally, warning me that its not right to be here, something is going to happen inside. I need to escape from here.

I can hear people talking outside and machines peeping. Well, the good thing is the capsule was not totally locked. I reached out for the opening, there were several people or may be models. I cannot be sure of! Half of them were in lab gowns with papers, calculators and some had tablets like I had back in my room. There were robots encircling those figures in lab gowns.

A slender figure in lab gown approached near me.

“Now, it’s time to start. Can anyone help me close the lid?”

Err…Why none of you are serious about it? I need to file a complaint about this team to the Dr. Salamantra.

I heard a man’s voice in a back.

Yes, Dr. Mani

Here, you handle this machine. Its special one! I won’t consider any negligence regarding this one… Am I clear?

Yes Dr.

A man in blue Jeans with white lab gown appeared in a scene.

Such a bitch!

What did you said?

Nothing Dr. I was just thinking who is this sample? Why is it special one?

Well. It’s confidential. Even I do not know about this.

Dr. Salamantra? …

Yes, she said it’s special.

(Third voice): Ma’am I heard that this is body of Dr. Sazena. There’s a rumor in the department that Dr. Salamantra is trying to get her code.

Will you shut up? (Female voice)

Now get back to work boys. I am not interested to hear your fairy tales.

Then he closed the lid with a bang. After this I was not able to hear anything of outside world.

I knocked the walls, it was made of steels. I guess no one heard me outside.

In a minute, two holes appeared inside the capsule; a thick clear gelatinous liquid appeared out and started to fill the capsule. It was painful when that liquid touched my skin. It started from my feet and now it reached the abdomen. I was crying, banging the walls of capsule, shouting aloud but no one heard me. There was no one to help me out.

I was crying hopelessly and uttering, shouting and whispering.. Help me! Help me! … … … .. …

No any help came. I was better in the room, not knowing myself than here now knowing little bit about me, that I am a sample here for their experiments. It’s painful. I prefer to be no one than to be a sample. I shouted take me back to room, I will not question anything. I will drink that water capsules. I will always obey you. Please help me…

The liquid started to fill me slowly, inch by inch, burning me and hurting me every possible way. my cries, my pleas just faded away, dissolving the humanity in that gelatinous liquid.


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I opened my eyes; I saw the same room I was in, not an inch from where I was sitting down with tablet. This is a real deal, no dream. I just woke and yet I am here. In the door there was a “peep” again. Nurse came with a capsule and a smile in her face. It was the same nurse or may be all the models are same, I had no idea.

Hello Ami, good afternoon!

(I don’t want her here; I know she is not a human. I do not feel obliged to talk with machines.)

Here, is your water capsule fortified with essential nutrients to keep you healthy and young.

I noticed she was smiling all the way. No more expression. The world looks so developed why they cannot develop more advanced model with more substantial expression. At least the one who do not have that freaky smile all the time.

With another “peep” she walked away, leaving the capsule in a tray she brought in.

I reached out for it; it was a soft rubbery capsule with really a liquid inside it. did not looked like a water my mother used to give me, the natural one with natural fortifications of minerals! I just thought to drink the juice I got from the button rather than the one this nurse brought. I threw that water capsule in the bathroom. I just did not felt its right to drink that one. Nothing is right here but still I can control the one I have control over.

I went inside the bathroom again. At least it was not empty like the living room. There were only few buttons there. I investigated the bathroom looking here and there, hoping may be there is some clue which I did not found in the room. There was nothing here too. Clean, empty and no traces of my existence or anyone’s existence.

I want to see that mirror again; I want to see how I look again. At least if I am dying here, I would rather know how I look like and why I felt so weak and old. But hey I am not feeling so weak right now than I was feeling in the morning. Perhaps it’s because I ate well. I went near the window and clicked that button again, mirror appeared. I checked my eyes the very first, maybe I have data encoded there too, who knows?

Thank goodness I am clean. (sigh)

My eyes looked normal. I checked each and every part of my body just be sure that they are not converting me into some shit model as that nurse mentioned before. I did not want to push that button again, I loved this mirror. It gave me the initial proof that I am quite normal physically.

Staring at the mirror, I saw one car stopped by my window for a second. Its reflection was seen in mirror. Then I ran into the window in hope that someone in that car must have noticed that I am trapped here. So I would be rescued and I can know what the hell is going on here.  Or maybe I am just hallucinating; I cannot keep the solid thought. I may have left here to die alone in misery. I may have been abandon by my own people. I even cannot remember my name.

What was my name?

And what is my name here?

Did that robot called me by name?

I cannot remember. Anyways what’s kept on name?

Name does not justify anything. If I know my name also, I will not know who I am. And names can be changed also. There are people with same name all around. What is there in name, that defines me? Nothing…

I walked the corner of that big window, which was in fact, one whole wall. I sat near the edge. The material was something familiar in the frames of window. I tried to remember what this material. There were dashes, actually several dashes in the bottom frames. These dashes were not symmetrical, some were small, and some were big, some less than an inch. It did not look like an art but looked like carvings of someone.I just guessed it. it can be anything but i like to believe that its a carving someone trying to remember something, that someone can be even me.

I started to count those carvings, hell lot of dashes to count; I started from the very edge where I was laying down.

1 2 3 4 5 6………………… ……………………………… ……………………… ……………………

……………………, ……………………… …………………… …………………… ……………………

……………………………… ……………………… ……..……………… ………………………

…………………………… ……………………… …………………………… ……………. 15,004.

wow, fifteen thousand and four! may be this is my proof, that i exist.

( with a smile)

I added another dash there, making it 15,005 with my nails. After all, its the gift of nature as a tool, so why not to use it in need!

I imagined when I was a school kid, our science teacher used to explain us how we human beings evolved from the caves, wore animal skin and all that sort of things. For me, it quite resembled the cave as well. This room is a cave and my art using my nail, as a cave art. I felt relieved for some time.

I couldn’t figure out what is the time now. There were no clocks around. outside it was no difference, whether it was a night or day. All day long it had same intensity of light. And I am too tired to press those buttons to know which one is for the clock. I decided to lie in bed. While lying there, I glanced above and there I saw a crescent moon with stars in a dark heaven. It was a night time!

I closed my eyes, hoping; tomorrow may be a different day!

~PRANESHA DOTEL.  (for the part 1)

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It was a beautiful morning as usual. Every morning brings hope in my life that present moment is the time; I should do something new when my life is falling apart. I do not want to lose hope. I had a dream not to escape but to understand and conquer. I knew I have to change to get rid of disappointments but I just do not know what that process to change is.

As every morning I get up from my bed. My bones are no stronger like I used to have. I used to run around the valleys, walks several miles to go my grandma’s house, hopping and running around. Life is not easy anymore. My body seems weak, my memories’ fading away. And some memories became stronger than ever. I walked cautiously towards the window at the end of the room. Tears fell down as I could not see grasses and meadows; I could not see clear blue skies with gusts of clouds, no mountains, no river and no valleys, no birds and no trees. It was all gone! There were skyscrapers everywhere, cars flying across my windows in a lane; I couldn’t bear to look down because I felt there is no more ground. I don’t know where these skyscrapers were standing on, where was I standing on.

I have an instinct that this is not only morning I have but many such mornings of hopes and yet doom and darkness encircles me every time I see out of that window. My hopes and dreams just burns into an ashes and next morning again it rises as a phoenix.

I sat down near my bed in an arm chair. Surprisingly it was so comfortable than what it looked like. A heard a peep of machine and a lady in blue suit entered my room with a briefcase in her hand.

Hello Ami! The lady greeted.

I just stared at her; I had no clue that who is she and what she is doing here. What am I doing here too?

She started looking at me and I can see data scrolling in her eyes with nonstop peep, peep, peep….

Those machine sounds irritated me; I just knew I hate machines. I feel suffocated here, I want to run out. I know I need to fight and understand something but I was not sure what it is?

I asked her immediately: who are you and why I cannot go out?

Ma’am I am your nurse. I came to take your vital signs. I am model number 65AA5C, designed for geriatric human beings of 21th century.

What am I doing here?

You are preserved personnel and also for research of Dr. Salamantra ma’ am. You are the founder of the Unirobo lab, which is now a Unirobo company.

It did not interest me what she said, she did not answered properly what I am doing here? I feel frustrated and yet weak and fragile. I looked around it was an utter void in the room. There was my bed in the corner and above it was a big lens which surely is not an eye to the sky but something programmed so I can see sky view from it. There was a table next to my bed and a thin paper with no pen. There were many buttons in the walls of the room. I guess each has a purpose.

Nurse smiled and uttered: there you go, perfectly healthy. Let me introduced this room to you ma’am. She went near the table, took the paper: this is a tablet, if you want to write anything. The password is all caps “UNIROBO” and she explained me which button is for foods, which one is for water, for snacks, for outdoor experience, virtual reality, clothes and so on and on. She kept on talking but I did not listen to her. I was more wandering myself about my existence in this room, when I can remember of no such technologies when I was a child or in my memory.

I stood up.

This is all madam, thank you and have a good day!

I nodded and she left, closing the door behind her.

I went to the “paper looking tablet” and hold it. It was soft like a paper. And suddenly became hard as a glass as I lifted it up. It asked me a password; I put it down and thought to try those buttons. I forgot which button is which one, I pressed the one near table and a big screen appeared with a face of a little girl saying: mama, I miss you! I am … I pressed the button again and it was gone in less than a second.

I pressed another button and a food tray just came from the wall, it had a turkey leg, vegetables, soups, rice, muffins, juices and some candies. I pressed another button near the window, and a huge mirror appeared. I looked into the mirror and to my surprise; I looked so young with deep blue eyes, red hair, and pale skin. I thought I am old. How can this be even true? I pressed the button again and the mirror vanished. I looked my hands, legs, touched my skin. I was not old, it was all young and elastic and supple. I randomly pressed buttons and many things came and went from drinks, men, my childhood living in front of me, history, geography, space stations, several programs, foods, dresses.

I sat down in the floor. I felt a grief of not knowing anything. I grabbed the tablet and encoded a password and started typing what I felt. In this vast universe I am alone here, facing unknown and being unknown to self. What can possibly be more tragic than not knowing oneself?

~Pranesha Dotel.

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(below is the link for PART 3)

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Its perspective!


The rainy season of June had just begun. I woke up early, with tapping sounds of rains on my window pane. Looked at the clock, and it was half past five. Instantly, my brain signaled me threshold of emergency, since’ it was the first day of my college, in second semester. I got ready, wore raincoat and drove bike in speed. I loved speed! I reached fifteen minutes earlier. None of my close friends had arrived. Therefore, I waited them on staircase while looking outside the window, which was still showering with heavy rain. Lots of students were using that staircase. As I was there, a girl in red sweater caught, my attention. She had a sharp nose and long hair. She came in front of me. she had a hazel eyes. Those eyes, left my heart shivered. As a consequence, couldn’t greet her neither could return smile to her, I was frozen! That instant moment. As she crossed my path, sweet smell of her perfume lingered inside me.

Just a minute later, my companions came. They started shouting my name, which broke serenity of my thoughts. We went to the class but still her perfumes weren’t off from me, like I was in a constant throwback of phantosmia.

Next day, I woke early. It was still raining. I went to college and sat in the same staircase as before and waited for her. Many known and unknown faces passed by, but she didn’t came. My heart was throbbing for her single glance. After waiting for an eternity, girl in green thick hood finally appeared, she left her hair carelessly, letting it flow in their own genomic sequence. As she walked, I thought, how those gravity worked on her long black hairs, every inch of it in perfect motion as she climbed from, one step to another. I even noticed her violet backpack with “P” tag on it. That must be the initial letter of her name, I guessed. Once again, her perfume made my soul fragrant.

Disembarked from dream, I smiled at myself and walked towards the classroom. ‘To go college early, and wait for her in staircase and to see her walking and crossing beside me with that sweet perfume became my daily routine.’ In this way I had spent two months, of my life! My friends, used to tease me saying, this is more than crush!

Finally spring shown. On the second day of the season, she came college and was about to cross my step, I whispered, “miss P?”

She turned back, smiled and answered, “Its Priyanka!”

I stood up and forwarded my hands, “hi Priyanka!”

She hesitated for few seconds and shook my hand. “Err… Hi! So what’s your name?”

“I am Robin, First semester right?” I said narrowing my eyes.

She nodded.

Well, that’s great!

And we both staggered upstairs. I courted, up to her classroom.

I acted cool but in my stomach, butterflies were quivering. I was numbed. Afterwards, we started to talk more and more. Foremost canteen, then email, and finally phone. I was thrilled to know that, she don’t have any boyfriend. She was deeply fascinated by the philosophy of life and nature. I used to tease her sometimes with a remark, “you should be monk, not businesswoman.” We became good friend, but not close friend. I wanted to be her close friend, but was scared, that she might reject me and the effects would be devastating. I was waiting with patience- to let her know, that the man of her life is me, her good friend who is always there, watching over her and dreaming her all the time! She may not know and I don’t think she knows my feelings but I wished one day, to introduce my divine love for her.

I choose Valentine’s Day to sincerely keep my affectionate feelings for her. She called me a day before and said she wants to meet me at heart’s cafe. I knew that she also likes me. It was most exciting thing ever, to get a call from woman you loves so dearly. That was same thing I wanted from her.

As usual I went early that day, I saw whole restaurant was packed with couples, red cards, red curtains, red roses and red table cloth. Everything was red. I sat there and waited. I already started to dream about our future. Checked the time, I have been there for almost half hour. Yet, she was not around! I got a text meantime

“sorry dude! On my way! will be there within five minutes!”

I checked my bag and there was my gift for her, a single rose, one chocolate bar, greeting card and one cute teddy bear carrying a heart with his two hands.

Everyone in the restaurant, looked at the entrance, There!!! I saw a known face in red robe ,in bald head. My jaw drops to this! Couldn’t imagine that bald head woman in red robe is no other, but my girl. I was speechless and a huge migraine exploded in my head. She came closer and sat in a chair.

She said, “Happy Valentine’s Day friend!”(with a smile)  And, gave me a gift.

It was small golden statue of Buddha! My eyes were filled with tears but I tried not to let it flow at least in front of her.

She explained; how she got interested, into philosophy of life? Her pursuit to know truth! To explore the reality of life, and so on.

All I can see, was her lips moving, no words were reaching my ears. Like there was, a virtual vacuum between us, I was instantly a man with a deep hole in my heart! I tried so hard, not to see in those beautiful eyes again, but I failed. They were shining with knowledge, looked peaceful, calm and delightful. Thought, if this is what she wants, then it should not be snatched from her. I should never let her know, how I felt about her. After all, she deserves much more than materialistic world. She is not an ordinary girl who fancies dresses, wealth, chocolates, teddy bears, cars and jewelries. She has a true mission of life. She is the most beautiful person I ever meet and perhaps will ever know of!

My hands reached the bag, grabbed the chocolate bar and handed her.

My voice shivered, as I greeted, “Happy valentines’ day, dear friend!”

I wanted to sped from her, she found her peace of life, but my peace and happiness fled. I pressed fake call button on my mobile phone, made an excuse that, my friends are throwing party for Valentine’s Day. Hence, I needed to rush now. She excused me with her final words! “Good bye”.

With heavy heart, I paraded somewhere, I don’t know where! I strolled and strolled like insane. On a way, I halted, with a sight of child with black hair, hazel eyes holding her mother’s hand. Child spotted me too, and smiled. I unzipped my bag and handed her teddy bear.

Child said “Thank you Uncle!”

I cordially smiled and marched forward in my own, forlorn path!



Love Never Fades Away!

Autumn was falling gently as if it only wanted to wrap the earth but not to overload her. Let me introduced me, “I am James Bond, not James Bond as in movies. I am simply an Ordinary man, with the name that matched the super star and 62 years old.  I am walking down the corridors trying to stay warm, in a fur coat gifted by my wife 12 years back. But now she is in heavens, waiting for me. It is the only thing I keep myself into and feel the warmth my wife wanted me to be in cold. I have no any place to go or to live in.  You might think that don’t I have children. Of course I have! Not just one or two but in total, three. I did give them my property twelve years ago, during my marriage anniversary. But since then, my children forgot they have parents. They did make it to their mother’s funeral but I am pretty not sure about my funeral. I am like a walking old engine in cold; don’t know where I will burn out.” “It’s been 8 years of my life in void without my wife. Each day I wake up with tears in my eyes and I go to sleep remembering her. Each and every second of my life is filled with her memories. I know dear, you are up there, waiting for me. That’s why I am coming to be with you today. I won’t let you wait anymore honey!” As leaves were falling on the ground, my mind went back to the first day I meet my wife. “It was 42 years ago in college days. I was already in a second year of my bachelors and as I was having coffee with my young friends in canteen. As we were talking about something which I can’t remember, I saw a girl with long dark hair in curls with couple of her friends in the ordering section. I fell in love with her long black hair and those twisted curls twisted my heart. But I didn’t take it seriously until she turned and I saw her. At that moment, I saw her big beautiful brown eyes’ dancing around, as she was searching for a place to sit. I was speechless! She was the only focus point my brain grabbed. All surroundings seemed to fade away. My friends brought me back to reality but my attention was still captured by her beautiful eyes. She went and sat in the corner most chairs and I was not able to see her afterwards that day.” “Then since, I always paid visit to canteen and sat next to her, melting more and more in love. The way she smiles, talks, laughs, winks. All things about her made me crazy. I did not have courage to approach her, but luckily we were in the college singing competition together.” “Since then we started to talk, I took her to coffee every day after practicing the songs. I got the vibes that she likes me too, after all I was the class topper, good singer, good player and a gentleman of course!” “Why won’t any girl fall for me?” “We started to date and after four years we got married. Her voice still lingers in my mind. I hear it again calling my name. James!! Is that she calling me or only the memories teasing me?  Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, what she wore the very first day we went as official date. She wore her blue saffron t-shirts with white pants, left her curls run down her waist. And she looked beautiful as always. I gave her a red rose and saw happiness twinkling in her mesmerizing eyes. She gifted me blue tie.” Wind started roaring, and James stopped at the cliff, bounded by steel bars and walls. He went near it and dropped the hood of his coat. The cold chilling wind pierced his skin. He shouted in the wind, “I can feel the lost love in my bones! I am coming dear. I am coming to you.” I heard a soft voice from behind, “love is never lost or goes away. It stays in your heart till the grave and beyond that too!” It made me silent and yes it was a moment of truth. Love does not go away. I looked back and saw a young girl of around 10 years old. I went near her and asked, “Who are you? What is your name? What are you doing here in this time?” She looked at me and oh my god, my heart stopped! She has exactly same eyes like my dear love. “I am Lorena, my dad left me here because we didn’t have anything to eat. He told me to wait till someone comes and get me! If no one comes, dad said that he will come and get me in the evening. But it is already a second day. I am waiting for my dad but he is not coming.” I felt sorry for this young beautiful girl and I wanted her to come with me. So I can send her to good school, give her nice foods and search the love in her that my children did not provide me with. I already abandon my desire to suicide. This young girl has opened my eyes. “My love I thank you! You gave me another reason to live now.” I gently grabbed cold hands of child and smiled at her. Her eyes were wet, filled with tears. Tears flowed from those beautiful brown eyes as she gently exclaims, “he is not coming back. Isn’t he mister?” I gave her hug which we both needed desperately and console her. “Don’t worry child; I am your father now. Love doesn’t go away, it will always be in our heart and we need to pass it to the loveless ones and to the helpless ones.” Poor child slept comfortably in my shoulder,as I walked from the cliff to back home. I felt the warmth in her, the proud father’s soul, have brightened again in me. This child, I accept as my own. I reached home and opened the gate. I kept the child in couch in living hall. My wife’s picture was there… Looking at me with her big brown eyes just like this little girl has. Her eyes were proud of me and were telling me to live for another reason. As I found a new beautiful reason to live life, I smiled at her and uttered, “Love never fades away, and we have to make world better place to live in and pass those glorious and pure love to those who needs it. By giving love we won’t be poor. It will only make us richer!